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I'd Kill for You Jeff the Killer X Reader
Warning: Language
Your POV
"No! N-O!" I said angrily at my at my best friend (BF's Name). She wanted me to come to the woods with her tonight to watch a meteor shower. "But why?" she winded. "Did you forget that there is a crazy serial killer stabbing people to death in their beds? And that with all the bodies pilling up, there's a possibility there might be more than ONE!" 
"Exactly! They're in bed. Not in the woods."
"Some of those have been found in the woods."
"Nothings gonna happen."
"I'm not going. And you shouldn't either."
"But Brad and Scott are gonna be there, and they're like the hottest guys in school."
"I don't care."
"Pretty please."
"Pretty please with sugar on top. And cherries. Lots of cherries." She pouted.
"*sigh* Fine. But if we get killed I'm slapping you in heaven."
If tonight's gonna be my last night alive, might as well spend it with my best friend. 
~Time skip to the woods at night~
:iconmizomim:Mizomim 148 86
My Kind of Girl Slenderman X Tall!Reader
Guess what......A NEW CREEPYPASTA X READER THATS WHAT! I'm finally rid of my Writers Block......for now :(
Your POV
Hi. My name is (Name)(Last name), I'm 21 years old and I'm tall. No I mean I am abnormally tall for my age. 8 more inches and I'd be 8 feet tall. I'm not ashamed of it. My family taught me to be proud of who I was....mainly because my family is the reason I'm so tall. It's a gene that runs in from my dad's side of the family. My great father was tall, my grandfather was tall, my father is tall, and so am I. Which means my kids will be tall as well.
I really do like being tall. My height also made me intimidating, so no one ever bullied me in school. But there is one thing that I don't like about my height. It's hard for me to find and keep a boyfriend.
Men these days want a girl that's shorter than them. But every guy I meet is too short for me. Some of them had to stand on their tippy toes just to kiss me. No man wants a girl they have to struggle just
:iconmizomim:Mizomim 137 93
The DNA Inside - Chapter 1 - The Arrival
It was yet another sleepless night at the park. You had arrived months after the Indominus Rex was destroyed. The park had almost been funny cleaned up. All of the fences had been revamped and turned on. Despite your angry protests, the remaining carnivores were destroyed. All but two. You had found two raptor eggs ready to hatch and convinced the team you could train them. You had been a trainer for a brief time at Jurassic World before leaving the job to focus on some self-discipline. You were back to help reopen the park. You raised the two raptors yourself, who you had lovingly named Indigo and Sapphire. Both were females, of course. The two had been ‘domesticated’ according to other employees, but you knew better. They were simply obeying your orders not to kill anyone. The staff trusted you so much that the raptors were allowed to roam the main building. It was honestly a big surprise.
Today’s duties involved herding the herbivores into their respective environm
:iconweird-british-chick:Weird-British-Chick 57 1
Jaws of Death (Owen Grady x Reader) - Part 1
Major spoilers

Isla Nublar, Costa Rica - Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park

A soft, warm breeze blew the hair out of your face. You put your hand against your brow and stared at the mountain just before you. Tourists were moving around like ants behind you and you took in a deep breath as a smile curled your lips.
Isla Nublar, home of Jurassic World.
You had been on the island for two weeks now, as an assistant to Claire Dearing, the operation manager of the whole park. With the new attraction on the way she needed more than one assistant and since one of your family members was also working on the island, you had gotten the job relatively easily.
That you were actually ex-military hired by InGen was something no one other than you and your uncle, Vic Hoskins, knew. 
He had a special plan for you. You had to become friends with a man named Owen Grady and learn about his behavioral research on raptors. So while Claire was taking th
:iconsavrom:savrom 316 131
Owen Grady x reader - Opposites attract
1: Getting there
You stand on the platform, watching your pack as they gather under where you stand.
"Hey boy, eyes down." You order your Beta, Red, and he obeys your order, sacrificing his sight. Your other raptor, Omicron, seizes the opportunity and attacks Red.
"Oi! Heads down, Omicron! Don't let me catch you!" You glare at the offender, and he shows his sharp teeth. "No treats for you." He whines and complies with your orders. "Good," you croon, squatting down and letting him have a piece of meat. He licks his chops hungrily.
Envious, Sandy butts in, growling. "Watch it! Remember, heads." You bark at them, carefully varying tone and pitch. Both Sandy and Gecko huff and eye the bucket in your hand. "Not until you go down." They snort and finally turn their heads towards the earth.
Grinning, you fed them all some leftovers. "Hey! Ya got a letter!" Your co-worker yelled at you from outside the enclosure. You make your way towards her after running each of them on the muzzle.
:iconyouknowho2:Youknowho2 118 6
Jurassic World (Owen Grady x Reader)
"Easy... Atta girl..."
You lightly petted the baby T-Rex's snout as she happily ate her meal. You had joined Jurassic World after it opened. You were always fascinated with dinosaurs and the fact that they had been 'revived' from the dead. You wondered what it took to train the beasts, and it turned out you had a natural gift. You hadn't imprinted on the baby T-Rex, but for some reason she obeyed your commands and was very gentle towards you. She occasionally snapped at you, but it was very rare and usually when she was cranky for some reason.
"Good girl." You stroked her rough skin as she finished devouring her food. She then roared, turning away from you and running back into the wooded area of her containment. You smiled watching her as you picked up the empty bucket, which had her meat in. You turned to see a familiar face, watching you from one of the catwalks.
"Stalking me again Grady?" You teased, beginnin
:iconchloein221b:chloein221b 106 9
Saving the Alpha (Owen Grady x Raptor!Reader)

 If any of you are wondering why I'm doing's for the fun of it. I've seen the movie and I praise it for being very good and original. I recommend it to you if any of you are interested in seeing it. Plus, who doesn't want to see our galaxy hero turned into a dinosaur trainer (if you know what I mean...) Again, I'm just doing this for the fun of it. I had some trouble naming this as to the film's plot but I hope many of you enjoy it! :)
 Pic is not owned by me! I couldn't get a good one&
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 538 182
Humanization (Owen Grady x Half!Reader) Part 1
 I've got a lot of deviants talking about this idea in my previous one shot soon to be series concerning the Raptor!reader. So I decided to take on the idea and would make this for a request for a fellow deviant for supplying me with more of a story idea as well! This will be conducted in three parts or more. I would conduct this as a one shot but I don't want this to be too long anyway, so here it goes: beginning, middle and end. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and wait patiently for part 2.
(Y/n)-your name
(E/c)-eye color
(S/c)-skin color
(H/c)-hair color
(F/h/s)-favorite hairstyle
(F/o)-favorite outfit
How can a human being become a dinosaur? Or is it how a dinosaur can become a human being? What's worse? No, who has it worse? Are you stronger? Do you get weaker? Are you some sort of hybrid? Is this some science fiction stuff going down?
 I wish I could say it was. It was all fake. I lead a normal life. I wasn't normal though. I was made
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 181 43
Owen Grady x T-Rex! Reader
(Name) was glaring at the red head bitch as she tapped on the glass to make her appear for her own amusement. Annoyed, She then ran toward the thick glass, Slamming her head onto it, Successfully making it crack under her force. Not enough to shatter it, But enough to give her a warning. She roared, Smell the fear radiating out of the redhead. She stomped back to hide in the trees, Making the woman quickly leave the observatory. Laying down on the cold and moist floor, She closed her eyes.
When they removed her sister she cried for days. All you could hear was roars all day and all night. It annoyed the hell out of the other Dino's, workers, and visitors, but she didn't care. She wanted her beloved sister back. When they told her another T-Rex killed her, She was hasted. She hated everyone and everything.
So, she escaped out of her cell one day and the only thing you could hear was screams of terror. 
She ignored the screams of terror and walked around, Her tall fig
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 171 12
Owen GradyXSpinosaurus reader pt 1
Owen Grady X Spinosaurus!reader
(Y/N) - your name
(E/C) - eye colour
(S/C) - skin colour
(AN: just to warn you there may be a few spoilers in this about the movie since I literally just watched it today, also a Spinosaurus is the main monster from Jurassic park 3 so if you don't know what it is just watch this clip -->: .Alright lets get this started!)
I don't remember much about how I came into this world other than I was born in this same dreary concrete enclosure I stalk around everyday and my only form of entertainment is when it's time to eat which involves easily finding some stupid small goat and ripping the thing to shreds in front of hundreds of these tiny creatures called 'humans'. Ha what a pathetic name. Oh you don't know who I am? I'm (Y/N) the 'Spinosaurus'  as they called me who lives to do nothing but sit here....bored.( -.-') I don't get it why am i always get stuck in this stupid place
:iconlarkieandkitsu:LarkieAndKitsu 251 30
I'll be Her Mother (Indominus Rex X reader)
You enter the hatchery just in time to see Jurassic World’s first hybrid dinosaur come to life. Instantly she catches your interest once her large, red eyes peer out of the egg shell. There was something you could feel between this small hatchling and you, it was a bond that suddenly made you embarrassed and turned away in hopes that your co workers didn’t notice. You sit down at your desk and checked that the temperatures in the hatching pod were normal and there were no malfunctions in the incubation lamps whatsoever. After taking the precautionary measures, you turn back to see if the hybrid’s sibling was beginning to emerge from its shell. What happened next disturbed you. The older hatchling was hacking at the sibling’s shell and began to slurp out lumps of pink and white flesh. The sight overwhelmed you that you looked for a sickness bag to vomit into. After a round of vomiting, you retreat to a nearby restroom to clean your face and replace your stained b
:iconaotearoa-geek13:aotearoa-geek13 124 3
Scar x Lioness Reader (TLK)
Zazu flew over to Mufasa with haste at hearing some rather frightening news. He flew as fast as his wings could carry him to warn the King of the intruder.
"Sire! There's an intruder inside the Pridelands!"
Mufasa turned towards Zazu with a look of fear on his face before it turned to determination and slight anger. He didn't really want to, but if he had to, he'd fight this intruder off.
"Lead the way, Zazu."
With that, the two headed off to find out just who this intruder was. Not far away, a lioness was on the prowl. She stalked the wildebeest, ready to lunge and take one as her prey.
Her (f/c) fur gleamed in the sunlight and was hidden mostly by the grass that sheltered her as she crept closer and closer towards her prey.
Her (e/c) eyes were set upon one wildebeest in particular. As a lone lioness, she needed to focus on one she knew she could take down.
Not only was she a lone hunter, but she was also rather young. She was older than a cub, but not entirely a full grown female jus
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 112 37
Envy x Reader (Brotherhood version)
You and your family was attacked one night by the Military when you were 13. Your father was a secretive man so you never really knew why they attacked. Only you, your mother, your sister, and your four year old niece managed to escape. You wandered the desert for three days until Ishvalans helped you. They let you stay in their village and you were able to get a place to stay. They didn't mind and you thanked them a lot for helping you. 
It was peaceful but peace never lasts long.....
-3 year time skip-
"Thanks for coloring with me, ____." You seven year old niece said, smiling at you. You returned the smile and continued coloring with her. You were watching her while your mother and your sister were out shopping. She looked exactly like you. Same (h/c
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 71 15
Envy x Reader part 1
You were Ed and Al's adopted sister. To be honest, you hated the Military. They had killed your mother and father in Ishval  when you were 14. Your father was an Ishvalian and your mother was from Rushvalley. You were lucky and escaped. Before your mother died, she told you to travel to Rushvalley. There were some people there who could take care of you. So you went and Trisha Elric took you in. 
She died a few years later. You and the Elrics had learned a lot about Alchemy and planned to bring her back. You lost one of your arms, Ed lost his arm and leg, and Al lost his body. When they left to train with Izumi, you headed to Central to make some money. You worked at a little coffee shop. It was a low paying job, but it p
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 174 40
Viral x Reader pt1
"Son of a bitch! Stupid Enderman!" You yelled over your mic.
"Dirty words, _!'' Your friend from a few houses down replied
"Why not say 'son of a biscuit' instead?"
"You know its hard for me not to cuss."
"Whatever you say, _. I'm gonna get off for a while. M'kay?"
"Aw! Minecraft isn't as fun without you!"
"I have work, unlike you."
"Work is boring."
"What are you gonna do when you run out of money and have no food or electricity?"
You shivered at the thought of no internet or video games. "I guess your right, but none of the jobs you suggested me seem very interesting. I don't want to be cooped up in an office all day or running around and remembering orders. I can't cook or sew."
"You'll find something, I'm sure of it."
"You always
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 53 11
Behind [1/2] || Tadashi Hamada x Fem!Reader

Please listen to: [x]
“I’m really proud of him,” Tadashi spoke. He caressed the top of [Name]’s head as she rested her head against his shoulder. The two were on the SFIT garden bridge, looking over the section of the campus. It was beautiful during the daytime, but not as lovely as it did now. The festival lights had shone and reflected atop of the pond. In the distance, joyous sounds of merriment and drum beatings fulfilled the empty spaces of sound between them.
[Name] smiled, thoroughly enjoying Tadashi’s gentle strokes. When his fingers ran through her hair, she closed her eyes in content.
“I’d be too. He’s gone a long way. The life of a felon is usually hard to escape from,” she jested. "There's no doubt—he's going to get in. Callaghan would be crazy to say no!"
Tadashi softly chuckled and pulled away from her. H
:iconkurainosenshi:kurainosenshi 141 15


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