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Couterpart: A PPGxRRB fan-comic 1 :iconkuraikitsune13:kuraikitsune13 127 38 Interactive Death Note :iconkyon9854:kyon9854 1,519 1,098
You're My Bitch, Levi X Eren. Other ch1

Other Chapter 1:

Okay Piepz, So here is it
he let's say, other chapter 1. This will be very short and I will make the end kinda like the other so it won't get in the way with chapter 2. Omg I really need to tend my other stories...
Eren's POV:
All night I had been warm. I love the feeling of someone else body heat. But that heat disappeared and it became cold. A soft touch lingered on my face. '' Don't go. '' I said without thinking. My eyes fluttered open meeting sharp grey ones. My heart skipped a beat when I thought about last night. Nothing really happened, we just kissed a bit... I can't get rid of the feeling of his tongue in my mouth. I loved the feeling. '' Levi? Where are you going? '' He stared at me with a blank stare. '' Sir? '' He raised his hands and slightly cupped my cheek. '' Relax, I'm not going anywhere
:iconmisteria-love:Misteria-love 27 3
Addicted to You Chapter 1
In the darkest hour, when the light no longer shines, I will be there.
Though you feel no hope, it always exists, no matter how small.
When you struggle for breath, are pale with fear, and silent with sickness, I will be there.
And I shall bring the light.
“Pepper!? Pepper could you please read though my list of things to do before the party tonight?” The adored and royal Prince Bubba Gumball called as he lied on his bed, face down and in the covers. He was clad in soft pajamas, made of silk and cotton. The clothing was purple, and baggy, very comfortable. The sound of Pepper walking through the hallway made Gumball lift his head in response, not wanting to be rude.
“Well, sir, you need only to go speak with the King and Queen of Lumpy Space over that incident with LSP…” She said, eyes rolling to the side. “Yeah... Anyways after that you just have to get re
:iconxamethyst10x:xAmethyst10x 46 27
A Gumlee Fanfic CH1
        “Who do you think I am!?” He spouted, raising his voice. “I’m Flippin’ Marshall Lee, The Vampire King!”
He was shouting now, his already narrowed eyes sharpening more with hostility, a demonic echo booming from his diaphragm.
He stared that arrogant prince down. He wasn’t intimidated, this was Bubba. Bubba the wimp, bubba the-
“Who do you think I am, Marshall?” He retorted, unshaken by Marshall’s threatening stance.
His voice was cold, his mauve eyes emotionless.
Marshall’s eyes widened in surprise, suddenly taken aback.
He swallowed the lump now in his throat as Gumball took a step forward, the most stern look across his face.
Marshall went blank, all of the clever insults he thought up on the fly over fleeing him.
“I have citizens who depend on me, I have responsibilities.” He continued, not breaking eye contact with the vampire.
He took another step, speaking as he walked even c
:iconhoneyruuruu:HoneyRuuRuu 118 21
Forbidden Feelings Chapter 1
       Prince Bubba Gumball and King Marshall Lee Abadeer could not have been anymore different. The two young men were acquaintances at best, not fond of another really. Gumball had invited many citizens in Aaa to his yearly ball, including Marshall Lee. It was Gumball's big birthday bash, and he couldn't have been happier... Well, except for maybe one thing. He was turning 18 years old, and extremely excited for all the attention, praise, and gifts. He often received attention anyways, and quite often had life handed to him, but tonight was extra special.
       Marshall Lee floated inside the castle, fashionably late as usual. He was dressed way down, but that was typical for him as well. He floated in quietly, unnoticed and stealthy. Gumball had already made his ultimate grand entrance, soaking up the attention like a sponge. He was now dancing with Fionna in his royal pink and purple outfit. Fionna was clad in a gorgeous light blue ball gown
:iconxamethyst10x:xAmethyst10x 74 36
Mature content
The Color Pink :iconmarshalllees:MarshallLees 133 133
At Long Last - Part 1
Chapter 1 - A Bad Omen

    Marshall Lee was restless. He floated in circles around his bedroom, looking for something to do. None of his attempts at music had gotten anywhere, his zombie cat Schwabelle was fed and napping downstairs on the couch, and Ice Queen was off having some “personal time” with her penguins. He looked around at his room, surveying his belongings. He noted the pile of laundry stacked at the foot of his bed, and briefly pondered doing laundry.
    “Yeah… not gonna happen today,” he said out loud, stretching. Perhaps Schwabelle had the right idea. Marshall Lee chuckled to himself as he drifted over to his bed. Over a thousand years old, and still avoiding his household chores. As he kicked his shoes off, he looked over at his side table. A folded piece of paper sat next to his lamp. It was an invitation to Prince Gumball’s nineteenth birthday party, and the quarterly rotation of the Bu
:iconaladdin-boy:aladdin-boy 86 14
Twin Hearts 8 :iconmila-valentine:Mila-Valentine 38 39 Dearest Fluttershy pg. 1 :icongamblingfoxinahat:GamblingFoxinaHat 108 4 poke sollux game :iconiheartnargles:iHeartNargles 294 236 Cursorstuck :iconcyanampersand:cyanAmpersand 385 134
Male! Emily x Reader Corpse Groom: Ch. 1
In an Victorian-era village somewhere in Europe, you are the daughter of the penniless aristocrats. You've become a fine woman, a woman with a (h/c) (h/l) hair and black eyes. Your life is very poor until your parents had decided to have you married to a rich man. You became shocked upon hearing the news. You're going to marry to a man you never met even you don't know who! Your parents told you that that the man you'll be married to was a rich man and he's the son of the nouveau riche fish merchants. They also told you that this is for the sake of your family, otherwise they'll be living in the streets until you and your parents will died in hunger.
You reluctantly accepted and waited until the day when your soon-to-be husband arrived. You stayed in your bedroom, brushing your hair. You're wearing a Victorian collared dark dress. You began to mutter in dismay while talking to the mirror.
"'This is for the sake of our family, (Y/n).' They said," You said to yourself, remembering the wo
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 151 5
Had To Be You (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) One-Shot
~A/N: I am a sneaky devil, I know lol. I'm sorry for posting on such a family-oriented day, but the truth is this is the first time in my life I'm not able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents/family. So I figured I'd spend it with people I also love so very dearly: you guys!! To those who are also having to spend today alone, I'm there with you in my heart. I love ya'll~


Strawberry fields.
That’s what it always reminds you of as your hand weaves in and out of thick waves, twisting them over and beneath each other in ways that often pulls soft hums and, perhaps, a tired groan. Your fingers move down to the slender yet taut shoulder muscles, bare and dotted with the faintest of freckles only you have knowledge of. The sinew barely yields to the circulating pressure you apply, but you don’t really notice. Every thought in your mind is focused on the silkiness of the flesh, of the spiced cologne that’s stirred whenever your nails acciden
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 575 91
Mature content
Temptress' Game (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) 2/2 :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 278 57
Male! Jessica Rabbit x Detective! Reader Ch. 8
Some months had passed since you solved Roger Rabbit's case and stopped Judge Doom's plan to destroy Toontown and its citizens. Judge Doom was also a Toon and the murderer of Merry Acme, R.K. Maroon, and your father. Right now, the evil Toon was now dead and you finally avenged your father's death as you finally moved on with your anew life. You finally started to like all the Toons again even you regained your sense of humor and laughter, thanks to Roger Rabbit.
Roger, on the other hand, continued working as a cartoon star when C.B. Maroon, twin brother of R.K., announced that he's reopening the Maroon Cartoon Studios. With that, C.B. needed all the Toon employess including Roger and Baby Herman for new animated short films. You became grateful as you watched Roger continuing working for the revived Maroon Cartoon Studios with a new boss.
As for yourself, you also became Jesse Rabbit's girlfriend since he gave you the very first kiss at the Acme factory. For now, you were on break aft
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 96 18


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